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Bent Tractor Announces New Children’s Book Digital Marketing Contract With Trail Blaze Marketing

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Onaway, MI – (Tuesday, December 29th, 2020) Bent Tractor Books, a Michigan based publisher of children’s picture books, is pleased to announce a new marketing contract with Trail Blaze Marketing. The contract includes launching a new website and new branding for the company.

“The work being provided to Bent Tractor Books helps to redefine their healthy book publishing brand by reinforcing the entertaining and positive lesson-based stories provided by their popular children’s books”, said Phillip Ciaccio, Senior Growth Strategist at Trail Blaze Marketing.

Bent Tractor Books recently released six revised new children’s books from noted author Dr. David Florence and illustrator, Jesse Maloney. These books relate to topics including nature, diversity, reducing anxiety, friendship, and the value of insects in the ecosystem. The new book titles include; Tweedle the Beetle, Wizzie the Wiggleworm, Bezzie the Baby Bumble Bee, Inky The Snow Owl, King Fazool, and Baby Moon. All these books will part of the digital marketing work hosted at the new company website


Bent Tractor Books specializes in providing high quality children’s picture books for kids ages two through eight. We help parents, grandparents, teachers, and others, provide healthy entertainment with insightful age-appropriate lessons for the children they care for. The firm produces books in English and Spanish. All books are available for sale at most online bookstores including Amazon and Barns & Nobel.

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