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OnlineBookClub.Org Top Award Four Star out of Four Stars

Whether you have a kid in your life with a disability that could use some encouragement, or simply want to teach children how to be supportive and empathetic towards folks with different physical capabilities, this book is a great way to start the discussion! Wizzie the Wiggleworm by Dr. David Florence (Trucker) features a little worm, Wizzie, who walks with a wiggle due to a curve in her back. She is quite upset when others make fun of her for her wiggly walk, but the support of her friends helps her to feel better. Can Mama Robin, Baby Robin, Oolie the owl, Dinnie the dancer, and Bingie the musician help her find a way to turn her wiggly walk into something she is proud of? The charming illustrations, created by the talented Jesse Maloney, provide a visual representation for the characters' emotions to help children see how teasing makes others feel, as well as how having the support of your friends can make a difference. The only critique I have of this book is it contains a few errors. All the errors are minor and would probably go unnoticed by most readers, so it does little to detract from the quality of the book. A quick correction or two would give this book the perfect shine that it deserves. Despite the minor errors, this book deserves a perfect rating of 4 out of 4 stars. The endearing storyline and adorable illustrations together create a fantastic and entertaining book while providing children with the beginning stages of learning how to support their friends, feel empathy for others, and how to embrace their own differences. While children just beginning school may get the greatest benefit from this story with an adult reading it to them, early grade school kids can also learn from this book.

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