“I love that each of the three books by Dr. David Florence impart a lesson for our children by way of colorful illustrations and interesting characters. 

The books help our children to understand that you can always count on someone to help and that it is okay to ask for help when you need it." 

- Ann A. 

“What a beautiful message:  fostering humility by encouragement to seek out the wisdom of older, experienced ones!  Lovely smile-inducing illustrations!

- J.C. 


“My son enjoyed the story & loved the pictures. He is a smart cookie and liked the animals helping each other out. He said, “Mom your friend wrote a great book!"- Parent & Child, C & S.B 

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“Our family really enjoyed the three books on animals and insects. Bezzie the Bumble Bee was our favorite!”

- Liz, from Florida. 

I purchased all of Dr. Florence's books to read to my two children, boy and a girl ages 7 and 9. My older daughter read the books with ease and laughed at the silly predicaments illustrated in Baby Moon, our favorite of the books. These picture books are a big upgrade over the typical stories found in the average book for children. They have a whimsical, education quality that's hard to find and that keep the kids very engaged in reading and discovering new ideas about nature and the environment."

- Phil C.

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A portion of our book business profits are donated each year in support of environmental research related to agriculture and climate change as well as efforts that improve children’s literacy.